Hvar Harbour, Vela Luka

Yesterday we headed over to Hvar Harbour. Even in mid September Hvar was busy, so we weren’t able to pick up a mooring. While we waited to see if one would come available, we took a few photos. Hvar was a major port for Venetians on their way to Istanbul and they have left their imprint on this beautiful city.

Hvar Town from the bay
Hvar Town from the bay

You can see that it was a blue sky, azure sea day, we aren’t that far north of Dubrovnik. Still in Dubrovnik yesterday, it rained so hard that it flooded and man-hole covers floated off their manholes and down the road.  Weather in the Adriatic is not easy to follow.

We had a nice evening in Vis, which was too quiet as our favourite bar had closed for the summer. In the morning, we had the same beautiful weather and headed over to Vela Luka on the Island of Korcula.  Vela Luka simply means big harbour and it is a commanding harbour, quite long and today stunningly blue.

Island at the entrance to Vela Luka Harbour
Island at the entrance to Vela Luka Harbour

Vela Luka is a working town with many new buildings under construction.  There are some beautiful old churches and galleries in town as well as the museum called Center for Culture. Vela Luka has an average of 2500 hours of sunshine each year.

Promenade Vela Luka
Promenade Vela Luka with its perfect palms
Smallest church we have seen - circa 1589
Smallest church we have seen – circa 1589

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