Buongiorno Liguria

Success today, so we are sitting on a rocky shore, inches from the water with a balmy sea breeze and a feeling of relief. Relief that comes from spending the entire morning with lovely Italian customs and having completed all the formalities, & having all the correct paperwork in our hands. We feel like students that have received the coveted gold star. Va bene!

Italian documentation

We departed Menton on Saturday morning and motored twelve miles to Sanremo. It was a picturesque coastline and lovely on the water. We moored amongst the huge motor yachts at Porto Sole.  We went for a walk and thought since it was Saturday afternoon and all the shops were locked up, it would make for a very quiet weekend.  We strolled on looking for the lone gelato shop that might be open and stumbled onto Via Matteotti. We were in the lively quarter of San Remo and far from being a deserted town, we got the last table at Caffe Ducale and sat and watched San Remo go by.The activity was amazing and at least three generations were taking part.

San Remo

Sunday morning, we explored the old part of San Remo called La Pigna with the obligatory hundreds of stairs, but the view from the hill was spectacular. We then set sail for Imperia, had a very pleasant motor sail, again 12 miles.

We arrived at Imperia about 1.30, and decided that as it was Sunday, the port would probably be closed for lunch. We anchored for a swim in the 25 degree water, very refreshing until a jellyfish swam right by, James made a quick exit from the water and waited until all was clear until returning.


We then found a berth in the harbour, and went to the office and were advised that the annual feast of Sant Giovanni was going to take place in the adjoining town of Oneglia with fireworks later. We found ourselves in the square in front of the church where the parade of the Feast was getting prepared, with lots of colour, pomp & ceremony (and lots of statues being carried aloft). There were some firework explosions around 7.30 in the daylight, but we thought that would be it. But we were awoken from our slumbers at 11.30, with a full display.

Monday we accomplished the formalities described above, but arrived back at the boat to find quite a strong wind blowing and that the boat had scraped the dock a little. Someone had come aboard, attached an extra bow line, and put an extra fender on the stern in our absence. (Thank you to our good samaritan)  We were planning to move on to a new port, but the wind was coming from the direction we intended to travel, so once again our plans are modified by Huey.  Our gain, because Trip Advisor told us there was an utterly perfect restaurant – Nero Di Seppia, just over a kilometer away. We are off to dinner. Ciao Bella!

nero di seppia, by the sea