On Wednesday evening, cousins Rosemary and Stephen Merrington joined us for two weeks on Mercier. We took a quick metro ride into Athens to see the Acropolis from a very nice restaurant with rooftop garden, Attikos on Garivaldi Street but they were booked out. If you want a romantic evening in Athens, this might have the best view of the Acropolis in the moonlight. I would suggest booking.

We strolled past the Roman Agora and down through back lanes to Thannis in Monastraki, a bustling lively restaurant specialising in souvlaki. Great reviews from an article in a UK newspaper, however, I think the author was there before the world cup.

The food was good, but they should add a caveat about the service. It seemed pretty clear our waiter was much more interested in making book on the Soccer World Cup than actually waiting tables. My bad, their takeaway looked sensational and our food was good but meh…the service.

Still we had Poros to look forward to.

Poros, shimmering  in the distance.
Poros, shimmering in the distance.

We started for Poros early the next day and minutes after we started the wind filled in and we had a nice 15 knots on the beam. We stopped at a little bay and had a quick swim, the water temperature was a perfect 24.5 degrees.

Approaching the island we were enchanted  by view of the houses reaching up the sides of the hill. They were an incandescent peach in the distance. We found a spot stern-to on the Town quay at Poros.

We wandered round the waterfront, saw the end of Columbia and Cote D’Ivoire match.  We were all pleased that the day started out with such a great sail, included a swim and then finished with a seafood dinner on the Quay.

Poros Town Quay
Poros Town Quay

Today we took the a town bus to nearby Askeli, which has a fine beach although it is one you have to pay for.  In this instance, the beach chairs belong to a great restaurant also called Askeli, so we had a swim in front of a superyacht, the Maltese Falcon and then went to have a terrific lunch of mezes and salad.

Stephen, James and Rosemary at Askelli Bay
Stephen, James and Rosemary at Askelli Bay (Maltese Falcon behind)

They are laughing because an adorable 5-6 year old girl on her inflatable dolphin, could see me taking a photo and wanted to be in it. She paddled her dolphin back and forth just in front of them. Very cute.