Thoughts on Prague

These aren’t philosophical thoughts or even educated thoughts, they are the thoughts that popped into my head when we walked around Prague.

Thought number one: Because Berlin was bombed in the War, it is now modern and fresh. Prague is simply, beautifully magical because it wasn’t bombed.  It looks like the set to a movie, it looks like the set to Disneyland. Perhaps because the Communists didn’t change or improve Prague, we have much of the vision of Charles IV to enjoy.

Prague and the Vltava River

Thought number two: Did Walt Disney visit Prague and base the Disney Logo on Prague Castle? No, but it did reference the Tyn Church in Prague. The chief designer of the Disney Castle, Herbert Ryman took the best of half a dozen Chateaus and Castles and the Tyn Church to create the magic castles in Disney parks and movies. (Thanks Wikipedia)

Prague is so bewitching, so alluring, it is a city of bridges and spires.

The Tyn Church Spires inspired Disney

Thought number three: How can you read this clock?

The Prague Astronomical clock from medieval times, gives not just the time but the position of the planets. Is Mercury in retrograde? It is also the number one spot for pickpockets, so watch your wallet.

Prague Astronomical Clock

I am all out of thoughts but we visited some incredible cafes, including the Black Madonna and the wonderful Cafe Slavia with a baby grand.

Cafe Slavia, paradise for writers, music lovers and pastry aficionados.
The Marionette Theatre