Festa Siracusa!

We left the beautiful ornate Baroque Catatania and motored down to another Baroque but creamy white Siracusa.

Lace Shadows 


Stunning limestone buildings, white against the azure blue skies and classical in their architecture. The 1693 earthquake meant the city was rebuilt with many beautiful Sicilian Baroque buildings.

Remains of the Temple of Athena
Remains of the Temple of Apollo


Siracusa has a definite Greek inheritance, they were here early and excavation of two Doric Apollo’s Temple and Pallas Athena temple has been converted years ago into the Catholic Duomo.

Cathedral of Ortygia
Cathedral of Ortygia, built on the ruins of the Temple to Pallas Athena


There is a natural spring of fresh water called the Font of Arethusa. The darling nymph was turned into a spring to save her from the river god Alpheus. They end up mingled together in Ortygia, on the beautiful island in Siracusa. If fact, last night we could see fresh water bubbling into the harbour.

Having missed Vivid Sydney, we were very pleased that the Festa presented us with an opportunity for Vivid Ortygia.  The 5th Century BC Temple of Athena, with many of its Doric columns intact, has been transformed into the Duomo today,  The theatrical edifice was awash in lights and there was dancing and music playing under the pastel washed columns.

Dancers doing Alice in Wonderland
Dancers doing Alice in Wonderland
Vivid Ortygia
Cuban Band
Cuban Band

There were children out and enjoying the music and dancing, wanting nothing more than to join in with the dancing.

Around the corner young artists were busy creating art of their own.

Young artists at work
Young artist at work