Gozo Delights – the azure window

Gozo is small and quiet but with some jewel-like bays and a beach so beautiful that Odysseus spent seven years with Calypso here.  The Big O sat on Ir-Ramla il Hamra, the golden red sand beach and missed his sweet Penelope while being held hostage by the nymph Calypso in a nearby cave.  Luckily, Penelope was the original Pretty Woman, so he eventually made it home.

Ramla Bay
Terraced farms leading down to Ramla Bay

As far as the beauty of Ramla Bay, you could be mistaken for thinking that you are in Palm Beach in NSW. The sand is a similar golden red and the water equally bright blue.

Perpendicular cliff of limestone
Perpendicular cliff of limestone

Sailing to Dwejra Bay, we passed Xliendi Beach where we had lunch and walked the headland the day before.  Dwejra is a collapsed cave, leaving a circular bay with two entrances/exits partially protected  by a rock in the middle of the opening.  Idyllic for a swim and lunch, we went early so we could make it back to Valetta before evening.

Entrance to Dwerja Bay
Entrance to Dwerja Bay with Fungus Island in the middle

We were lucky to see the Azure Window at Dwejra.  It is falling down bit by bit.  It frames the view of the azure sea from land and the land from sea.  There is a small market at Dwejra Bay and maybe a cantina, but its natural beauty sees every one visit by boat, bus or car.

Azure window, adjacent to Dwerja Bay
Azure window, adjacent to Dwerja Bay

Malta and Gozo have a splendid bus system, beautifully air-conditioned and nice drivers. The island is small and you can take the bus and then walk. If it gets too warm, just take the round the city bus.

We met a wonderful bus driver, who has an Australian wife.  We were going down a narrow street, when we saw a wedding party leave for the church.  The whole procession was being videoed, the street was too narrow for us to pass, so we waited and admired the wedding.  We also admired the patient bus driver who didn’t want to rush the bride.

If anyone tried to see the blog earlier today, the site was down because someone was trying to hack us. Funny since we probably have a readership of about 20 friends and family.  We think its sorted out now. The other wonderful news is that someone let us know there is a good gelato shop in Sliema, we shall investigate.

Ciao Ciao for now.

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  1. Dear Galia and James Hope you receive this as its a first. We have followed with great interest your travels and love seeing where you have been.Thanks for the card. Thinking of you both enjoying the lovely warm weather as we head off to Norrong on Wednesday.
    Lots of love Dave and Leigh xxx

    1. Be sure to give Ed a big happy birthday from us, please. I imagine a great deal of advice will be given over the course of the evening. Wish we could be there. Someone really needs to work on the “Beam Me Up, Scotty functions”, so we can get back and forth more easily.
      Missing you all, have a great time. xoxo
      James and Gaila

  2. Beautiful photos darlings, next stop Sliema !!

    Will pass on birthday wishes to Ed 🙂 and cheers to absent friends 🙂

    lots of love
    Rene & Blue xx

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