Visiting a boat yard, a courtyard and a castle

For the past few days, each day we have been working on the boat early in the day.  We have taken Mercier over to the Audax boat yard to be slipped for antifouling and on a sea trial to get the AIS working, swung the compass and calibrated the autopilot. The level of professional services has been extremely high here in Palma.  Tony, who is calibrating the navigation services with James in the photo below, was very helpful and exacting in getting all the nav services in good shape. Audax Boatyards were great, not only antifouling the boat but polishing the topsides and finished early, something not usually heard of in Spain.


Each afternoon, we have done some sightseeing, today was Castell de Bellver and the Old Town, yesterday it was to Portal Pi and some other sections of Palma. We are still doing a bit of provisioning for the boat and occasionally we find quite nice Tapas Bars, restaurants and markets.

We thought you might enjoy some of the photos. Hasta Mañana