The Best Laid Plans

Sadly, we are home again to put our dearest sailor to rest. Vale, Bill Merrington, who sailed most of his 98 years on Sydney Harbour and several oceans.

His first hello always seem to be about boats, sea breezes, racing and sails. His stories were of the glorious camaraderie and competition of ocean going family and friends. Bill ensured his family were all introduced to an elemental love of the sea, whether through racing or long weeks of camping on Cowan Creek on the Eventide.
Ms Lette says “The price of love, of course, is grief”.  That thought resonates with us today, but we remember there was so much love and laughter and because we will miss that, we are sad but we will always hold you dear to our hearts.  Bill, we will miss you, Wishing you fair winds and a following sea.

The Bucket List

When you are planning for a trip like this, there is so much to consider, where to go, what to see and how to get there.  We have a very open plan, inspired and informed by our Bucket list.  In the 80’s, we went through a series of five year plans.  Later we had a list of goals: personal, home and career; we have always had lists, especially shopping lists but now we rely on our Bucket List.

It’s the list of places we would like to visit, experiences of which to partake and adventures waiting in the wings for us.  The Bucket list is as much about the developing the plan as it is about savouring the experience.