Travel to places Old and New

It is wonderful to be travelling again. There are surprises, Vathi and Porto Spilia are vastly different than the last time we were here. Tourism has added to their economy and we see plenty of new homes, buildings and enterprises. Still the sight of of these island ports makes us smile and memories flood back with the smells of Greek cooking and Babbis sternly telling us he could just fit us in, if we eat early.
Where we might have been concerned that some of these Greek Island communities were losing their young people to the lights of Athens, we see that many new homes are being built.
Vathi had grown and yet still had it’s charm. Electricity for sale on the Quay for yachts was a welcome addition. We decided to have a swim, before carrying on to Kalamos and went into the very breezy Nisos Atokos.

Vathi, Ithaca

The most excitement has been Graeme and Diane telling us about Kastos and Kalamos and we left Vathi to see if we could find a berth on the small island of Kastos. We entered the small harbour to see that every available metre on the dock was taken.
Undeterred, we continued north to Kalamos and found the view on the approach was exalted, the village arcing it way up a steep hill with the church high above the harbour and berths.

George was waiting for us on the harbour, ready to take our ropes and explaining effusively exactly where to put down the anchor. We were given a warm invitation to have dinner at George’s Taverna.
The taverna was on the beach and the food was delicious and bountiful. (Neil, you should have been with us. My souvlakis was enough for three people.)

George’s Taverna, Kalamos

PS Steph and Tom, we are waiting with champagne to celebrate. We are all so excited to welcome a tiny Bub. Every large bird that goes over convinces Deb, it is a sign. The sign of the stork. Personally, I think they are Desmoisselle Cranes, and I hope the stork visits you soon.


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