Mercier, Merci, Sante

Bright and early this morning, James was up and applying the signwriting to Mercier, first the Squadron Emblem, then the name and finally Sydney.  There were a few expletives, although most were muttered, so as not to scare the neighbours.

Today was a public holiday, so no boat business, we decided to revisit Aix en Provence. Arriving at lunchtime, we strolled through the colorful market without buying to get to a lovely brasserie for a meal. This market has homewares, mainly linen as well as women’s clothing and shoes.

After lunch the markets were closed but we were able to walk  around the old town and see a few shops open and look inside, many others were closed, but the people watching was fairly amazing.  Three young men walking around in white lab coats with painted formulas and pictures, singing and hooting and generally having a good time. Crowds of tourists and holiday makers filled the streets, which are mainly pedestrian thoroughfares.

As we were walking down a busy street full of pedestrians, I noticed a young girl about 3 years old.  Very confident and curious, Mademoiselle 3 was having a grand time.  We thought it was odd that she didn’t follow her Mother into a shop, but thought she was near other family.   A few blocks later on, we realised she was still beside us and we began to realise she was lost. Even a confident 3 year old shouldn’t be walking around Aix on her own.  So I said Ou est Maman? I went blank on my French and told her to come with me with hand gestures.  We retraced our steps and about two blocks back we see a lady running and looking frantic.   Mademoiselle trois, who gave a shout to her very pregnant mother, who burst into tears as soon saw little Ms 3 year old.

A happy reunion and also happy for us, because we were worried even if Mme 3 wasn’t.

We finished up in the Park at La Seyne Sur Mer for the Salon Espirit du Vin, which was an exposition of wines from the region, France, Alsace and Corsica.  We tasted several and bought a few for the Mercier cellar. They also had  lots of truffles, condiments and foods from the same regions.

All in all, even though it wasn’t a boat day it was very enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Mercier, Merci, Sante”

  1. Hello intrepid sailors.

    You will be pleased to know that sailing on Sydney Harbour abandoned last Saturday due to rain, lack of wind and lack of enthusiasm. Your experience seems much more agreeable.

    Had a few days in Tassie last week staying in a lovely cottage in Coles Bay. View from floor to ceiling windows looking straight down Great Oyster Bay to The Hazards and Schouten Island. It was restful and enjoyable, weather clear and crisp.

    Keep up the champagne intake and Happy Birthday Rene.

    Pep and Chris

    1. We love Tasmania, such a great trip. Glad you had clear weather.
      We had a great day with Blue & Rene. We had a side trip up to St Paul de Vence, Vence and Nice on the to taking them into the airport.Sad to see them go. We’ll blog about it soon.

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