Polace (Mljet) – Korcula

Polace (Mljet) is a lovely harbour on a very very long island. Mljet is about 388 sq miles, comprised mostly of pine forests and a large national park.

In Polace, we went to Joseph’s Restaurant and tied stern to, we buy dinner and the mooring is free.  In this case, the restaurant reminds me of a Mexican Cantina, the decor is rough and ready but the service is friendly and food is fresh and simply cooked. We can easily walk all of Polace which is in a national park and has its own Roman ruins of an ancient Palazzo.

Polace, Mljet
Polace, Mljet

We were moored next to a large gullet and it was amazing to see this ship ‘park’ next to us, with apparent ease.

Badjia, a small island off Korcula
Badjia, a small island off Korcula.  The gullet is the timber boat on the left.

We left the next morning and only motored for about 40 minutes, when we pulled into a protected bay almost enclosed by islands.  It was too deep to anchor but we could have a swim because Mercier just drifted quietly. Refreshed, we proceed on to Korcula.

Otok Korcula is the island of Korcula and there is also an ancient fortress town of Korcula, smaller than Dubrovnik but still formidable.

City Steps into Korcula
City Steps into Korcula, note the Venetian crest in the wall

You can look over the walls and see yachts, fishing boats, para-sailing, wind surfers, swimmers and divers. Lovely restaurants have a line of tables against the bastion wall, so you can look out to the island of Badjia and other towns on the coast.

It is now high season, Korcula is bustling, a veritable hive of activity. We walk the Bastion walk and it’s impossible to walk together, there are so many other tourists. We hear languages from dozens of countries, including quite a few Americans and Australians.

Many young tourists, almost in uniform.
Many young tourists, almost in uniform.