Wifi Famine

It isn’t always easy to find access to internet connections.  We will all be scurrying around when we first reach port, trying to ask for an Internet café in a different language than the day before.  And when you are out at sea, there is no hope of internet.  Occasionally, you are having so much fun, you don’t want to look at a computer. This past week we have had all of these scenarios, so that’s why this is the first blog in awhile.

After we left Ciutadella, we sailed to the North of Menorca and moored in Fornells. We decided we would stay on the boat because we had no hope of arriving on land with dry clothes due to a strong breeze in the harbour.  Instead we opened a bottle or two of Spanish wine, James cooked Salmon fillets and we sat on the deck under the Menorcan sky.

The next day we sailed to Mahon and wandered the streets, which closed completely at lunch time.  James and Gaila went off the markets, which were in an old building and had several fruit & vegetable mongers and sellers of Menorcan goods.

Mahon, capital of Menorca

That night found us in Es Castell eating at a traditional Menorcan restaurant called Dinkums (Dual Income No Kids Under Menorcan Skies). Our table was six inches from the waterfront, so we were able to feed the fish while waiting for our mains. Note: Menorcan fish love bread, but they are very smart so they didn’t touch a French fry. We walked back up the hill to the taxi rank and here was a shop for traditional Menorcan sandals.  Even James and Blue bought a pair, so we hope to come back to Sydney and start a trend.


Early the next morning, we finished preparing the boat for the crossing to France, a trip of about 30 hours in the light conditions we experienced. The seas were calm and the day was sunny and warm, very different that the trip down to Palma.  We thanked Huey and sailed to France.

Crossing the Med

We landed in Hyeres late Saturday afternoon, too late for the Orange store to buy Internet time but in plenty of time to do the shopping – several great ship chandlers here, we found a bbq and a salad bowl. One of the great treats of Hyeres is a self service Laundromat.  One seems to meet the nicest people doing laundry. They are usually French and staying in one of the many holiday rentals in Hyeres.

Celebrating Rene's Birthday

We did look for an internet café at the port, but we weren’t successful, so Rene and Gaila had to wait to the next afternoon for WeeFee.  We had a celebratory lunch on Mercier for Rene with some lovely champagne from Epernay in the Bay of Langoustine. Later in the afternoon we motored over to Port Porquerolles and wandered around this interesting town, where mountain bike rental is a thriving industry.

Porquerolles View

The evening commenced with a bottle of well chilled Moet on Mercier, before the lovely dockside walk into town for dinner on the verandah of the lovely L’Orangeraie. We watched the sun set over a hundred masts.

Dinner at L'Orangerie


2 thoughts on “Wifi Famine”

  1. I started at the end and then back to the beginning
    Well done Don’t you do things well- from boats to blogs!!!!!
    It all looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m having trouble settling back in to it here- is there any room on board?
    On another note I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Bill. No matter how timely ( or not) your dad has gone. My own father passed away just 2 days before I arrived home. It has been a delayed entry back to normal life. Like your father he was a sailor and a dear friend. May they enjoy fair winds on their way.

  2. Hi Merros,
    The adventure looks wonderful, and Mercier very comfortable. The photos and commentary bring back some very fond memories of Provence and south of France (Aix, Egaliere, St Remy etc) with Kath.
    Can recommend Antigua race week, great sailing, reggae music, rum – (did I tell you we won Div 1, yes we won Div 1!), and the sea is the most amazing colour. Cuba was well worth the visit – more rum- except cheaper still, cigars and music, and fantastic company.
    Then on to UK – cold, wet, people grumpy, rum tasted awefull in the cold. Then time to head home. Sorry I couldnt join you, but after 5 weeks, needed to face reality.

    Fair winds and sunshine,


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