Pollenca to Menorca

Not all our adventures are on the water, on Monday we motored from Formentor to Port Pollenca and found a berth at Club Nautico. After running a few errands, we jumped in a cab and went to the old town of Pollenca.

Pollenca Stairs

We won’t forget Pollenca, because of the enduring memory of climbing up and down, her 365 steps up to the Inglesia Calvari.  We have been doing a lot of walking, mainly on flat avenues and laneways but this was steep.  The views over the town were worth it and made the tapas we found on our descent, even more delicious.

Pollenca View

Tuesday we sailed to Menorca, we started out with little wind, but once we were out of the bay of Pollenca, the wind freshened to about 15 to 20 knots and the boys decided it was time to get out the asymmetrical spinnaker.  Blue did a splendid job on the bow and Mercier clearly loved the run under sail.  What looked like a boring four hours under motor turned into an enjoyable sail.


Under Spinnaker

Approaching the island, you immediately notice the difference in the coastline.  Mallorca was sheers cliffs driving straight out of the water.   Menorca is like a flat plain above it. We arrived in Ciutdella, a beautiful old Medieval city, with influences from the Moors, Spanish and English.


There is a beautiful bridge near the Port and wonderful streets for our endless strolls.

Bridge at Ciutadella

Time to get moving, so enjoy the pictures.

3 thoughts on “Pollenca to Menorca”

  1. Merros’ in the Med, what a great journey! Thanks for the updates. You heading for Bonifacio in Corte and then the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, Sardinia via the Maddalenas? And Rene, you behave yourself next Sunday, or try too!!

  2. Malcolm, not this year, we were waiting to do that section with you and Lyn next year. We are sure that would be more fun.

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