Polynesian Evening with Dancing – Visuals

The staff of the Aranui were tremendous, welcoming and professional. There were several special evenings and even a Polynesian Breakfast. We would often have a lovely dinner in a harbour, very festive with very little boat motion. These are photos of the Polynesian Banquet.

Some of our Dining room Crew


Tave helped me make purchases in the shop and often helped us tie our pareau on securely. The staff participated in both looking after us and entertaining us. They were all quite talented. Even the men of the Supercargo did a haka for us one evening that was quite amazing.

Tave and friends


Ric dressed for his performance and James ready to show his model boat. Aranui expects everyone to do most of the activities.

Waiting for the entertainment
Dancing with Nahau
Watching the model canoe competition
The Competitors Model Canoe Comp. We believe the Frenchman in the black pareau was the winner. Most of the boats were rougher and readier than his, but his real secret was naming his boat Nuka Hiva or an island name. Helen won third prize. Good efforts.


Jame’s model canoe was the largest but not a winner, with some other entrants. Winner wasn’t here, but it was quite a looker.


Dancing class lead by the graceful Hanalui, Sandy is in pink. The men dancing are behind us.


Men’s dance troupe
Tahitian dancing class
Our Musicians – The music is fast and rhythmic. You can see that the drummers stand on a stool to be high enough to play those drums.


Marquesian Dancers – amazing bird dance with incredible tattoos.
Marquesian Dancing – so fluid and all the dances tell a story.


So the Polynesian night is definitely a night to remember. The flower crowns alone made us feel like we were in Paradise. If you go on the Aranui, join in. Don’t hold back.