Bol, Zlatni Rat and Stari Grad

All a boy needs, a boat, Mom and his dog.  Early morning scene on Bol Harbour
All a boy needs, a boat, Mom and his dog.
Early morning scene on Bol Harbour

The song says ‘you always take the weather with you’, the last few days we have had wonderful sunny clear days and most evenings a big thunderstorm, reminding us of Sydney southerly busters.

We were on our way to Bol on the island of Brac, thinking we would be able to pick up a mooring but we were waved onto the town quay. On the other side of the L shaped Quay there were several catamarans, who probably only draw about 1.3; on our side it was a bit deeper but very busy with the ferry wharf. James, Claire and I decided it was too bouncy to stay on board for lunch and went off to find a pizza on the boardwalk. We said hello to the Perth, WA owners of La Mischief, Steve and Cas, who invited us over for a drink in the evening

We headed out to the iconic beach of Zlatni Rat. This is one of the most photographed beaches in Croatia. Zlatni Rat is a arrowhead of white pebbles over 600 metres long, which changes shape depending on the currents and winds. Close by there are Roman ruins in a stand of pines and a lovely simple church. It seemed one side of Zlatni was protected great for swimming and the other perfect for wind surfers.

Zlatni Rat, Brac
Zlatni Rat, Brac

Sunset is nigh, we head over to La Mischief, which is very close to the boardwalk and its cafes.  The prevailing thought seems to be we should have a cocktail.  So an order went in to the nearby cafe for 3 margaritas and 3 Royal Mojitos. In Bol’s joggly bay, it is hard to negotiate the passerelles, but our wonderful waiter manages to do it with a tray of cocktails.

Service with a smile, agility & balance
Service with a smile, agility & balance

During our chat, we hear about La M’s problem on entering Croatia.  Current practice on entering a country late at night would be to fly the Q flag, stay on board until morning and contact the authorities.  However, two months ago, Croatia changed this rule.  You must fly the Q flag, make your way to the Harbourmaster’s office and call him on the number advised on his door, regardless of time.  One more reason to arrive during daylight hours. Fines are payable. Money better spent on Procip!

We were planning to go to Hvar and moor in the town’s bay, but the weather has been questionable, so we opt for Stari Grad, which means we can take Claire to our favourite swimming spot and chill out bar for lemon press.  Stari Grad is the port on Hvar from which the ferry leaves to Split or Dubrovnik.

Stari Grad Swimming Hole and chill out bar
Stari Grad Swimming Hole and chill out cafe

It is so dry here during summer that there are many cafes that exist under umbrellas.  Please note the secure fencing (aka ropes) to ensure safety.  You can’t see all the dogs also visiting the cafe, none of which cause a problem.

Today we had an early morning walk to take Claire to the ferry enroute to Dubrovnik.  It is going to be a bit quieter on Mercier tonight, but we hope that Claire enjoys Dubrovnik and Corfu and the rest of her travels.  We all agree, you only live once.

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    1. Ed, it’s a beautiful spot. Claire and James were putting up with me taking photos. Hope to see you in November.

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