Tucson Trails

James and I along with Donna Tormo received a lovely invitation from our friend Peggy San Filipo, come and see Tucson.  Peggy, Donna and I are old skiing/life/work buddies from Aspen, hard to note that was decades ago.

Saguro Cactus in an Arizona
Saguaro Cactus in an Arizona landscape

We did a walk in Sabino Canyon in the Santa Catalina mountains of Arizona.  There were large numbers of Saguaro cactus, water holes and large boulders of gneiss. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny.

James and I still travel with both ladies.  For years we met Donna in different places: San Diego, San Francisco, Baltimore, Houston and New York on our trips back to the US and also travelled Italy together.  Peggy has visited us twice in Sydney and for years we have met in Los Angeles just before we would head back to Sydney.

Peggy preparing dinner
Peggy preparing dinner

There was quite a bit of eating, drinking, laughing and talking going on all weekend. There were walks and taking photos.  Visiting the Hotel Congress and visiting a very  lively downtown Tucson and seeing where they captured Dillinger. We had a great dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa on Saturday night with friends Arta and Celeste.

Donna on the 'Sunset balcony'.
Donna on the ‘Sunset balcony’.
Peggy, Gaila & James at Poca Cosa
Peggy, Gaila & James at Poca Cosa

Brunch is mandantory
Brunch is mandatory

It was quite a drive to get to Tucson.  It is about a six-hour drive through the desert. Hours of the drive are in barren desert country but as we approach Tucson we see the hills and scenery of Cowboys and Indians. Rugged hills full of Saguaro cactus, which is indigenous to the Sonora Desert.

Walking in the wash, taking close up views of the Saguaros.
Walking in the wash, taking close up views of the Saguaros.

A giant thank you to Peggy for all her hospitality and generosity.  Tucson is highly recommended,  if you are going and want to play golf or pickleball, I will introduce you to Peggy.

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  1. Beautiful photos and commentary Gaila. As I said, you should have been a writer!

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