Rome to Giglio

Finally, we get as much done to put Mercier in good order and we head out Saturday morning to Riva di Traiano, a marina in Civitavecchia.  Riva is graced with several good restaurants and shops.  This will only be an overnight stop as we really want to arrive in Corsica next week.

Leaving Rome, the sailing begins at last
Leaving Rome, the sailing begins at last

We have spent a night here last July, so we know the drill and someone comes to meet us at the dock to help us get tied on.  It is quite a pleasant marina and the board walk is full of restaurants and ship chandleries, as well as the occasional boat dealer.

We decide to have dinner on the marina and go to Il Tritone, We look at the wine list and there isn’t one wine we are familiar with. How do we choose?  Well I am reading The Leopard, which is set in Sicily and one of the Villa’s in the book is called Donna Fugata. Here on the wine list there is a wine from the vineyard of Donna Fugata in Sicily – let’s try that one. It is meant to be a white wine with hints of peach and plum, light – just the thing to have with our fish.  Sadly for us, it was really more of a taste of heavy prune than light peach, I had to promise James not to use the fiction selection method again. Next time we will ask for  more input from the waiter.  And Mel if you are reading this, find out which Sardinian wines we should stock the boat up with.

About the wine....
About the wine….

We wake up to a bright sky and wind on the nose all the way to Giglio, a sail of about six hours.  We can see remnants of the Costa Concordia but we will pass her tomorrow and I will try to take photos. We are anchored in a bay just south of the main harbour of  Giglio, called Cala Canelle. We have an anchor watch app on James iphone and 30 metres of chain out.  Hopefully, that will mean a good nights rest. (That’s if the piglet in the nearby house stops squealing).

Cala Canalle
Cala Canalle

Happy Birthday to Geoff, Carol,Kay, Amanda M, Amber and Trina, Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mother’s out there.



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  1. Glad to see you finally in the oggen, must be a relief. Hope that piglet stopped squealing.
    On Sardinian wines, I can recommend a sticky, called a “muscadedu” made of muscatel grapes and comes from some where in the mountains. Very special wine and a fantastic flavour. Great with cheese and dessert. But sorry cant remember the name of the vineyard or the grower. Might have to ask around. If you do find it, get a bottle for me for when we turn up.

    Looking forward to catching up around 16 July, where ever.


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